Welcome to the official Nardi Air Compressors US site.  We are the official distributor of the Italian made NARDI Compressori line of air compressors. Our product line includes high quality scuba air compressors, scuba air mixers, high pressure air compressors, air gun compressors, paintball compressors, natural gas air compressors (CNG Series), dental air compressors as well as industrial air compressors.

Nardi Air Compressors have a rich history of investing and research and product development within the air compressor industry. We are constantly developing new technologies and adding to our wide range of existing products.  Our low pressure and high pressure air compressors are among the best and most durable in the industry. For more information about any our line of air compressors, please browse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions.

scuba air compressors scuba air mixers high pressure air compressors
Nardi Scuba Air Compressors are among the best in the industry. Used for filling scuba tanks (for breathing air and for non-breathing air), these will do the job quickly and efficiently. Nardi Scuba Air Mixers are designed especially for the Scuba industry. Comes with advanced technology and Nardi blending software. Our Nardi High Pressure Air Compressor line consists of industrial strength air compressors for many applications.
air gun compressor paintball air compressors
Air Gun Compressors are used for mechanical and construction applications. The Nardi line of air gun compressors can stand up to the tough conditions and deliver. Paintball Air Compressors are designed specifically for the paintball community. Fill your paintball tanks with ease with our high end paintball compressors. The Nardi CNG Air Compressor line consists of both fleet and domestic compressors. They are Atex approved and able to compress Natural Gas (CNG).