Paintball Air Compressors

Fill Your Paintball Air Tanks with a Paintball Compressor

In this day and age, paintball is becoming more of a widespread hobby. New players are constantly picking up their own markers, tanks, and masks in order to play on the open fields. There is truly nothing better than sprinting in between air bunkers, climbing the stairs in an open town map, or slinking through the woods in the hopes of catching the other team off guard.

At one point in time, players would make use of CO2 in their tanks in order to play. Today, however, CO2 is less commonly used on the field due to its dangers and lack of performance. Instead, many field owners are opting for paintball air compressors, which make use of high pressure compressed air to operate the market and fire paintballs through your barrel. Such air compressors were designed specifically for paintball use, and as such have become popular across the world. Compressed air is more efficient and far safer than CO2 ever was. Nardi’s line of paintball compressors are perfect for the sport in this day and age.

The Difference From CO2 & Why Use a Paintball Compressor

One of the biggest questions most paintball players will ask is what is the difference between compressed air and CO2. The main reason why CO2 was so popular back in the day was due to the cost. A CO2 tank was actually far cheaper, and allowed players to purchase several days worth of gas to continue playing. Refilling the tank was relatively cheap and easily available. Refills could be found at welding shops or the local fire extinguisher supply store, should a paintball store be unavailable.

The downsides, however, was that CO2 tends to fluctuate in performance, which means your paintball shots would either shoot straight and far or simply fall flat after a short distance. In the middle of the game, that is a major down fall.

However, compressed air was introduced to the field. A 4500 psi compressor could fill tanks with ease and allowed for consistent pressure while on the field. Firing your marker fast or during hot/cold weather were not any problems worth noting for compressed air, as the marker would continue firing without issue while filled.

Paintball Air Compressor Benefits

Investing in a paintball air compressor on your locally run field is truly an investment that will last for years to come. Most compressors were designed with performance in mind, allowing for daily use without wearing down the internals. Routine maintenance and a checklist will avoid any and all problems. Proper maintenance will help to avoid any challenges that could arise and avoid potential problems, including wasted air, downtime, or loss of service life.

The benefits of an air compressor far outweigh the costs. Most players on the field will have no qualms of paying a little more to fill their tank or to purchase a brand new HPA tank to play with. The cost is an investment on their part, too, as their marker will function more properly and without any problems in the middle of a game. Working a tough offense requires a lot of shots and loss of air pressure is the biggest buzzkill.  Fill your tanks with a Nardi Paintball Air Compressor!