Filling High Pressure Bottles Safely

Safety Is?

Safety is? Never losing sight of the most important rule or process when filling any bottle with high pressure air – Knowing your compressor application. The high-pressure compressor industry has always relied on the end user to safely operate their compressor application in a safe manner. As a manufacture, it’s our goal to properly educate each user on filling in a safe and proper order. The end user must read the service or operations manual and stay informed on any manufacturing changes to the compressor application. Never assume that a newer or similar compressor application will work in the same fashion. Fill only bottles that are properly tested and in hydrostatic date for use. Continually check for fitting leaks and worn hoses, using a non-aerosolized soapy solution. Change filter(s) and oil with manufacture recommended consumables and lubricants, following manufacture guidelines and hourly intervals for service. Take sensible precautions by using hearing and eye protection during the fill process and when servicing your application. Always disconnect the power on electrical applications and never service combustion driven applications while in the operational environment, taking care to avoid CO (Carbon Monoxide) related illness.

Fill your bottles with an orderly, systematic approach. Make a simple chart and number your filling responsibilities, in order of first to last. The most effective and safe filling approach is to fill each bottle in the same sequence and create the muscle memory in a repetitious cycle. Your approach will become second nature and if you continually fill in the same sequence, each person you train or influence will follow this safety measure. This procedure may create a safer work environment that improves work place production, hereby reducing the risk of injury or improper filling.

The key to filling safely is following a business policy and procedure, created by the ownership, holding those responsible for filling bottles and compressor operation accountable. There is never a bad time to set a good example. Safety is always our vision, and our most important priority at Nardi.

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